For Men

Hair Pieces come in a variety of styles and purpose for men and for women.   

  • Styling, cutting, coloring, attaching on the head services priced separately. 

  • The Sean Skin Whisper is a full Polyurethane base system. The hairs are single-hair injected into the base rather than knotted. No knots, no slings - creates the illusion of the hair growing out of your own scalp! More durable full skin system, new built-in invisible silk net. Styling, cutting, coloring, attaching on the head services priced separately. 

  • Sleep, Shower, Sport, Brush in any direction Luke is made of a full Monofilament net. Net all over! No more Polyurethane coating which starts to crack and turn colors with time. Only a double layer of mono net to protect the knots from the tapes. Fully single-hair hand-knotted, fully air breathable.

  • The latest in skin base material is like second skin each single hair is knotted and looks like it's growing out of the scalp. Thousands of Micro-Breathable Holes allow for easy body-heat ventilation! With lace front for invisible front hair-line! Human or synthetic 

  • Hudson is an extremely durable (3-6 years), very natural, especially when the wind blows the hair, it looks like skin all over. Undetectable invisible knots .Single Hair Knotted.The Rolls Royce of hair system ideal for backwards hair styles. Custom made to your pattern or measurements. Made in Germany Price doesn't include cutting styling coloring or...

  • Henry is our most basic Hair System. It is made of a durable monofilament base, scalloped front line, and a Polyurethane perimeter with 3 cut-away lines for quick customization! The front has small scalloped see through poly front for an invisible natural hairline. the top is hand-knotted mono-filament base. Human $599.00 Thynthetic $499.00

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  • Frederick is made for men who prespire a lot...  A full Monofilament net all over with Polyurethane only from one temple, around back, to the other temple to protect the hand knots from the tapes.

  • Most natural hair system, that consists of a fine micro-monofilament base and uses invisible knots to create the most natural look possible. Styling, cutting, coloring, attaching on the head services priced separately. 

  • Alexander Lace front has soft like skin and transparent polyurethane. Takes the shape of every head. No rapid hair loss like other full PU systems. Due to new "v-knotting" single hair hand-knotted, invisible!