We specialize in high quality 100% human hair extensions, hairpieces and accessories. We are pleased to offer our customers something personally flattering. Whether you are an authorized salon offering our products to your clients or you are enjoying the luxury of Zohair’s Couture Extensions and Couture Wigs, we are focused on offering the best customer service and products.


  • Hairpieces

    Hairpieces are a great alternative to permanent hair extensions. Clip-in or tap-on or pin-on hair extensions can come in one large piece while others come in multiple smaller pieces. Not to mention they are great if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to add natural looking hair or to supplement your own hair for fuller longer look or to cover up thin and thinning hair without damaging your existing hair.


  • Fusion

    FUSION BONDING . This method uses keratin (keratin is the main ingredient of real hair, and it’s manufactured in colors for better concealment) to attach the strand extensions to the hair. Fusion extensions will last between four to six months. Sold to licensed cosmetologist only

  • Sticker / Tape Extensions


    They vary in designs and purpose of use.  These types of extensions are usually made with hand-knotted 100% Remy human hair on very thin mono mesh based (with polyurethane coating). These extensions are very thin and seamless, without bumps.  Some are cut in a jagged edge (zigzag), scalloped edge or the Graft tape. These types of sticker extensions are best used on short and thin to fine hair and can be placed closer to the top of the hair, hair line and part. We also offer a type made with ultrathin and narrow tape.

    Benefits of Sticker/Adhesive Tap Hair Extensions:

    The Sticker/Adhesive Hair Extensions save you time and money. They are great when longer hair is desired or to add fullness to short hair and to create dramatic effects and highlights. Sticker/Adhesive Hair Extensions may be reused with a replacement/reapplication of a new tape.

    Benefits of Sticker/Adhesive Tap Hair Graft Extensions:

      • Natural Looking: They areall made of the highest quality, 100% human hair for a natural look and feel.
      • Amazing Comfort: Hair Grafts are ventilated (hand tied) into a polyurethane strip that utilizes a revolutionary comfort grip adhesive technology that binds securely and easily to the client’s natural hair. No more tension, headaches or pulling on clients’ hair.
      • Options for Mature Clients:  They offer extensive color pallet including six additional grey shades that are ideal for mature clients with fine or thinning hair.
      • Time Effective: Can be added on a lunch break – in under an hour.
      • Cost Effective:  They are cost effective for you and come in 12 to a pack.
      • Easy to Remove:  Removal is as easy as applying a gentle remover to each extension and then slipping it off the end of the natural hair.
      • No Limits:  Hair Grafts allow you to create everything from luxurious lift to flattering fringe.
  • Halo Extensions

    Halo Hair Extensions

    The Halo is quite simply one of the most amazing, fun and innovative product you will love to wear! Using 100% Indian Remy Human Hair, the Halo is amazing in quality and the simplest and quickest extensions to apply.

    Halo Extensions easily attaches with a miracle wire that is quickly customized to fit any head in just a few short minutes. The great news is that there is no sacrifice in quality or quantity. Now you have a real alternative that is truly quick and easy with satisfying results.

    You get a full, gorgeous head of hair in one Halo without any concerns of damaging your natural hair. With Halo Extensions, you visit the Stylist to get your color matched, spend 10 minutes getting fitted and another 30 minutes to have the stylist blend your Halo Extensions and you are set! No costly maintenance fees! And you can wear your extensions over and over.

    The Deluxe Halo simply has more hair for a thicker finish! Highly recommended for those blessed with short thick hair.  Typically, you would need to style or possibly trim the Halo for best results.

  • For Men
  • Cap Type
  • Hair Type
  • Clip-in Extensions

    Clip-in Hair Extensions are a revolution in hair extensions. You can now have longer, thicker, more voluminous and glamorous hair in a matter of minutes. They will instantly transform your natural hair into a mermaid-like, long, gorgeous locks! Clip-in Hair Extensions come as wefts of hair that are pre-attached with snap-like hair clips.


  • Top Extensions Graft

    Zohair Couture Hair Extensions offer a type of hair extension technique for specific areas like the top of head where thinning hair can be difficult to cover achieving fuller, more natural looking results using NO wigs, tope, clips, sewing, or damaging glues. You can wash, color, and style as you normally would.

    This special application of Zohair couture hair extension, need to be maintained every 5-6 weeks. During this maintenance appointment, each link is re-opened, and the wefts are moved up. Keeping the weft closer to your scalp keeps them secure, and keeps them from being visible. The same extensions are worn for 2-3 maintenance appointments, which will then need to be replaced. The total life span of these hair extensions is usually 15-20 weeks.

  • Micro Ring Extension

    We offer the Couture Micro Ring Extension System with and without the silicone soft layer inside. The silicone soft layer protects the hair from breakage and enables slip free and long lasting grip. Bonding the extensions together with the hair enables the hair extensions to last longer. The adhesive I-tip facilitates easy insertion into the silicone-lined Micro Ring to create a stronger bond. As the hair grows out, our technique ensures that the removal and reinsertion of the hair extensions will be both simple and easy without losing any hair.

  • Highlight/Lowlight Extensions

    Spice up hair color and hair style with few creatively placed extensions and Wow

    High lights Extensions are all about a surprise fun and for dressing-up for right occasion! That's why ZOHAIR COUTURE HAIR EXTENSIONS SALON offer such a large variety of hair extension choices and features ,effectively creating dashing designs transforming any hair to a unique, exciting hair style, that can make that look without a need for extensive coloring and bleaching process.

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