Private, relaxed and attentive consultation is very important to understand and identify the objective in order to make the right and best choice.

During the consultation, our stylists will identify your specific hair need and will make, in their best intention and integrity, recommendations and will explain the maintenance involved and the cost to you.  

Our certified stylists can tap into many styling options and various types of extensions and technical methods.   

Our specialists are skilled with the latest techniques in hairstyling, cutting, wig redesigning, wedding and evening hair design and various hair extensions' applications. Whether the client desires fashionable hairstyle or casual chic, up-sweep or classic chic, our products can help you create the look you are considering. From dazzling layers and angles, to trendy bang- allures, for long or short hair.

When it comes time to choose which of the hair extension techniques /styling requirement, consider how long you’d like to keep your extensions. You’ll also want to consider your budget since some techniques can be more costly than others.

Below is a list of some of the services we provide:

 consultation Fee of $60.00 will be applied toward the service

  • Partial or Full Head Extensions Volume, Length, Fashion. $ Per-Consultation

  • Keratin Tips. $8-$12 Per Strand

  • Tape Extensions 20 Strips 10 Double-Deckers(Sandwiches). 1.5" wide by 20"-22” long. $450

  • Micro-link (I Tip) $8 Per strand. Re-Adjustment I-tip. $5-$6 Per Strand

  • Hair Pieces, Hair System, Wig Customizing, Cutting, Restyling. Per-Consultation

  • Special Occasion Pieces / Addition to achieve special styling. Per-Consultation

  • Tape extensions Removal & Re-application Tape. $60-$90 Per-Hour

  • Haircut & blow-dry. $70-$110

  • Single Process Color. $80 &Up

  • Balayage. $120 &Up

  • Highlighting. $120 &Up

  • Glaze free with any color service

  • Consultation Fee of $60.00 will be applied toward the service