Zohairusa Professional Network

ZohairUSA Professional Network 

We are building an exclusive network of associated licensed consultants. 

Our network specializes in personalized, non-surgical hair replacement with the finest quality hair extensions, hair pieces, and wigs for both men and women. We supply a wide range of stylish & medical-grade wigs, hair-extensions and hair-pieces that can be customized to the specific need of your clients. We will impart to you the skills and support to help these clients in need all without them having to leave the comfort of your chair!

What does this mean to you as hair stylist?

Every now and then we find ourselves serving a client who is suffering hair loss or expecting to experience hair loss. They may be seeking our opinion and recommendations for their noticeably thinning follicles, or they may be anticipating future hair loss with the hope that we can confidently provide some helping answers. May it be due to genetics, chemotherapy, medical diagnosis or for any other reason, these are only some examples of the concerns clients may come to you with.

Here is the great news, YOU CAN HELP THEM!

Via the expertise that our network imparts to you, the scope of the care your client can rely on. We offer to you and your client the needed support, knowledge, expertise, and the most appropriate non-surgical hair-replacement solutions. 

By helping your clients get the proper answers, they will realize the lovely hair and confidence they deserve.

This is a unique opportunity!  

Become an associate consultant and a member of a dedicated group of professionals who are committed to servicing clients beyond the traditional salon services.

Expanding your services to clients in need, is an expansion of your channels of income. That means more money for you! 

Clients will be proud to refer you for such valuable and reliable services. While enabling you to more effectively solve your clients’ hair challenges, you establish deeper relationship and credibility with them, their families, and friends. 

We make doing business easy. 

ZohairUSA is located on Rt 4 W, River Edge, NJ. 07661 

Our facility is available to be utilized or we can Face-call, Zoom, or Google Duo to discuss and consult with you or your clients. You and your clients are also welcome for in person consultation and may visit our facility to explore all options available. They can come accompanied by you, or you can trust us on your behalf. You can rely on us to bring your client the most excellent care and expertise.

Consider our role as an independent service provider. Upon the event of any products or services purchased, your account will be credited accordingly just as if you had sold the product yourself. It is our policy that you and your clients’ information are confidential and to be kept private. Our relationship with our associate members and customers is kept with the highest standards of professionalism and ethics.

How to join?

If you are a licensed hair professional and would like to become a member associate of our network, please establish a professional account on our website: www.zohairusa.com/account


Contact our support team today!