About us


ZOHAIR Master Stylist - Creative Director -  Educator

Zohair is a leading hairstylist, recognized throughout the New York and New Jersey metropolitan areas for his artistic talent and technical expertise. The Art and Fashion Group International designated him “A Master of the Craft” (NYT, March 14,1993). Zohair has been showcased in publications such as American Salon, Modern Salon, Bergen Mama, First, and Hi Class Living.  Zohair excels at crafting a hair makeover. It’s “a challenge I love most,” he says. Zohair has a lengthy career in haircutting and hairdressing which extends over three decades, and he enjoys his title “Master of the Craft.” He is best known for his daring creativity and his cutting edge resourcefulness. Zohair is a specialist in beautiful and stunning styles, always revealing the best aspects of a client’s personal appearance. He notes that “I believe your hair should not only complement your lifestyle, but actually become the focal point of your own personal style. I don't just cut the hair, I feel it.”

Areas of Expertise

Couture hair extensions. Styling human hair and high-quality wigs. Cutting and styling long hair, whether wet or dry. Cutting short hair and maintaining pixie styles. Hair coloring. Free-hand painting and Balayage highlights. Lowlights. Ombre. Accessorized bridal hairstyling. Hair restructuring.

HALA ALAIN - Hair Extension Specialist and Educator

Hala came to the United States as a young girl full of dreams and passion. As a child from an artistic family, she attended cosmetology school while still in high school. Hala worked her way up to manage several salons, all the while building a reputation alongside a loyal clientele. When Hala decided it was time to start a family, she realized a family might interfere with her then-current work. She acquired the distribution part of SHE by SO.CAP USA, a company which manufactures and distributes products of 100 percent human hair. This allowed Hala to connect more with salon owners and industry professionals. Her acquisition helped some people bring their businesses to the next level. Hala has a strong technical background in the hair care business, along with the talent, creativity, and heart to help others whenever she can.

When looking to expand her business, Hala gathered the connections she’d made over the years. She formed a group of salon professionals with years of experience in the industry. Together, the group developed a new and improved hair extension line: Femme Hair Extensions. A product for stylists, by stylists, with customer approval. This line imbued salons with new freedoms and access to high quality products. The easy-to-use extensions also didn’t involve middlemen or large corporations. And clients were given new opportunities to have the best products and services available.

Hala Alain has a passion for charity work and is proud to be part of national and local fundraising campaigns. To celebrate the creation of Femme Hair Extensions, she will take part in various charity events for a year. With over 20 years of experience and service to her local community, Hala is a great example of a mother and entrepreneur.