We provide top-quality hair duplication services.  Our team of experts are well-versed in such skills, which is why our customization services for hair replacement systems and cranial protheses are one of the best in the field. Whether it’s a custom creation that needs production or a duplicate of a previous hairpiece, we can recreate any look the client requests.


●    Base size: We offer  different options depending on the client needs. Therefore, it is important to let us know if we should follow exactly the sample size or the sample base design or use some other base size. We also offer a variety of material options such as lace front, skin systems, monofilament, and others.

Please provide us with the following details for your duplicate hair wig.


●    Hair color: Many of our clients prefer to send us a sample. If you wish to procure an exact match then please send us a sample. While sending us samples, please be informed if your hair sample is an old hairpiece, the hair color would be faded. In such a case, let us know if the faded color is preferred or the unfaded color at the back area of the hair sample.

●    Hair length: What is the length of the hair required? Is it exactly the same as the sample? Let us know the hair length for the new order or if you require a different hair length. It is also important to note that in many cases the hair sample may have been cut before. Therefore, it is important to let us know the original hair length too.

●    Hair type: We offer options for our hair duplication orders that include Remy hair, Indian human hair, European hair, Chinese hair.

●    Rush or standard delivery: The rush service will cost extra. Remember that when you check out the total cost of your order.

In addition, please let us know if we should keep the sample unit on file for future orders. we can also return the sample with your duplicate hair system order as well.

The name and phone # of your favret and trusted hair stylist so we can consult regarding.