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Styling, cutting, coloring, attaching on the head services priced separately. 

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Victor - our newest Hair System! It is made of a very thin single layer of European Super-

monofilament base, to make it as thin and undetectable as possible! The base material is durable against the acid of perspiration. Remember: When a man gets older, his hair density should get thinner, not fuller like a 20 year old

Hair Density Chart Link- Hair Density Chart

Each hair is single-hair hand-knotted.

In Stock: Human Hair
Stock Sizes: L (10" x 7.5") Can be cut down to any size.

Can be custom made with Human or Synthetic Hair

*Please remember that any Hair System can be custom made to absolutely any specifications that you provide for us, we just have to know exactly what you want for us to make. We are the distributor, so please let us know with any questions or requests that you may have.

*Any estimate of lifetime expectancy is approximate. We cannot guarantee how long any hair system will last due to the care, maintenance, wear and tear of the hair system is solely dependent on the customer. We do make our systems to the highest quality possible using the best materials in the market. We recommended that every customer always have at least two hair systems, so that it is possible to "rotate" use and have a "spare" in case something does need to be repaired.  

For more accurate color results, the purchase of the color ring is required along with the order form.

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