Super Extra Hair

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Super Extra Hair

Super Extra Hair

Super Extra Hair is a Jacquelyn integration hairpiece.

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Light as a feather to wear, Super Extra Hair is fashioned in 100% European Texture Human Hair, and featurees custom-designed 9" wide rows of wefts that contour naturally to the head making this add-on hair completely invisible. Available in 16"-18" hair length as well as longer lengths.

100% European Texture Human Hair

Wigs that are the most like your own natural hair, our European texture human hair wigs are fashioned from the finest human hair. Responding easily and effortlessly with even dramatic styling changes, color changes and accepting perms, Jacquelyn Wigs offer the finest appearance and quality with a beautiful natural texture in wigs. Our human hair wigs are the most expensive, the best looking and most naturally designed wigs available in our selections of wigs because of our dedication to quality materials and professional crafting.

Hair Toppers and Long Integration Hairpieces

The Perfect Solution for Fine Hair and Thinning Hair

Jacquelyn Wigs and Toppers are light weight, many with long hair featuring an airy pull-thru base that allows a woman's own hair an undetectable free-flowing natural appearance and perfect integration, giving her style a thicker and fuller look. 

Created with flexible base construction, the Toppers easily adjust the long hair wig to a frontal and/or crown position. Securing the hairpiece is a snap-lock comb with a cushioned guard, protecting your own natural hair.

The longer hair wigs and Toppers designed by Jacquelyn Wigs add volume to thinning hair, fine hair or any texture hair.

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Super Extra Hair
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Super Extra Hair