HBT Elite 6H

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HBT Elite 6H

HBT Elite 6H

6" human hair filler integration hairpiece for top crown.

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Style # HBT-Elite-6H by Look of Love– Description 

The Professional's Choice! 100% hand tied human hair 6” throughout. Base design allows for multi-directional styling. Add the perfect amount of fullness for those experiencing moderate to sever thinning on top. Pull-thru polyurethane base design allows you to integrate own hair through the base for the most natural look, but also full enough that it can be used without pulling hair through the base. Can be worn side-to-side or front to back.

Style # HBT-Elite-6H – Specifications 

  • Integration Pull-thru Base Design
  • 100% Highest Quality Human Hair
  • 100% Hand Ventilated (hand-tied) Polyurethane Base
  • Base Size: 2” front-to-back, 5” side-to-side
  • Attaches with snap comb clips on each side of base
  • Hair Length: 6" Throughout
  • Weight: 0.9 oz

Important Notice About Pricing of Lighter Human Hair Colors :

Darker shades of our human hair colors are more closely related to the original color of our hair from India and China.  Our factories can process this hair to make various darker hair colors without too much difficulty.  However, our factories have now increased our costs for processing lighter hair colors offered by our company.  This is due to the extra time, products and educated craftsmanship required to achieve quality hair colors with the least amount of abuse to the hair structure/cuticle.  Therefore, you will notice a slightly higher selling price if you should choose one of the lighter hair colors.  Thank you for your understanding.

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