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This wig is a customized wig. Please call for more information or fill out our customization form and we will get back to you at our earliest convenience. 

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Alecia is a Supper Thin skin medical Wig.

  The whole base is super thin clear PU. Since the thickness of the skin is just 0.06-0.08mm, it is very light, thin and also invisible.

The knots of the whole Alicia wig are all single split knots so they are very delicate and natural.

here is also underhair all around the edge of back and sides which obstructs the edge from view.

As this is a custom-made order, all details like the base size, shape, color, density etc. can be specified by the customer. You can just use this design and then tailor it to the exact demands of your clients.

Base Construction:  Super thin skin all over
 Base Size:  Followed the sample
 Hair Length:  Followed the sample “
Curl & Wave:   Natural straight
 Density:  Medium
 Hair Color:  Follow the color sample
 Hair Direction:  Freestyle

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