Micro Ring Hair Extensions

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Micro Ring Hair Extensions

Micro Ring Hair Extensions

Micro Ring  DOUBLE DRAWN Hair Extensions 16/18/20 inch Russian/Mongolian Remy AAAAAA 0.85-0.9g (pack of 20)

Please note many colors are running out of stock and on back orders . Delays are from the factory (Covid 19)  so please call us before you place unorder .

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Our Couture Micro Ring / Hair Extension System is the application of extensions with a metal coil, cylinder, ring, lock, link, or tube.

We offer a silicon soft layer inside the Micro -Ring for slip free and long lasting grip. Bonding the extensions together with the hair enables the hair extensions to last longer. We have a huge variety of color selection.

We also offer Accents, a line of dazzling, bright and crazy colors, for those wishing to make a bold statement.

Please note we have been experiencing manufacturing delays and some colors are on backorders! please call us before you place your order . Thank You

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Micro Ring Hair Extensions
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