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Choose your custom options. You can add comments, additional information and attach photos. A Customer Care Center Representative will notify you foe additional information or clarification is needed. Please be sure to include valid contact information when placing your order.

Once we receive your order we will analyze and assess the order this may take up to 5 working days.

We will contact you via email or call you for any more clarifications before the order is submitted for pricing and completion. If you do not hear from us within 48 hours after submitting your custom order, please contact us directly.

Please be sure to measure at least (3) times before submitting your order to assure correct measurements. If you are not sure how to measure for a wig, please see our wig measurement page for detailed instructions. We are not responsible for incorrect measurements once order is submitted.

Please let us know if you are expecting future weight changes or hair loss at the time expecting to receive the wig, some caps must be accurate to the size of your head.

 Additional construction time, and there maybe limitations to the extent of the hair length, colors, sizes, and other custom options that exceed the normal expectations.

You may want to download or copy and paste our Order Form to your document app below. So you can seek the help from family or friend or your hair stylist. If you are having trouble downloading it, please contact us via Email. We will get back to you with assistance within 24 hours.

Please fill out the order form carefully. We can help you to fill out by calling 888-964-2477 Ext 07

We recommend you seek the assistant of your hair stylist in filling out the information.

***Note: for the custom frontals, closures and wefts order, you needn't fill out the order.

You also can use your own order form if you have. please send to

Please read our return policy.

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