Hair System

A Custom Hair System can be custom made to absolutely any set of specifications that you provide us with.

All we need is to know exactly what would you want us to make. We make our systems to the highest quality possible using the best materials on the market. We recommend that every customer always have at least two hair systems. Having so makes it possible to "rotate" use and have a "spare" in case something needs maintenance or to be repaired.

Please be sure to go over your specifics before submitting your order to assure your intended results. If you are not sure how to measure or how to fill out the order form please see our '' HAIR INFO '' Page for detailed instructions. We are not responsible for any incorrectly entered Info once order has been approved and submitted by you. We suggest getting help from a trusted professional if you are not sure of your needed specifications.

We cannot guarantee how long any hair system will last due to the care, maintenance, wear and tear of the hair system due to usage. All customers have different habits and requirements.

Important Information regarding care and maintenance of your new Hair System: (Monofilament Sensation and Full Lace Front Hair Systems)

Your new Hair System is a very fine piece of art! It is made only from the very best high-quality materials totally hand-knotted and handmade!

Attaching your Hair System* - for Daily 2-week Attachment

Because almost every double- sided adhesive tape is shiny, we recommend using new Matte Bonding Tape. (Item #109 (1.5”x ¾”), #115 (1”x3”), or #116 (A- Shape)).  We recommend refreshing, everyday or every other day, the adhesive of the Matte Bonding Tape with our Liquid- Glue (Item #201), instead of replacing the tapes every day.

Attaching your Hair System* - for approx. 4-5 Week Bonding Attachment

This very strong new tape is NOT recommended for daily use or sensitive skin. Because almost every double-sided adhesive tape is shiny, we recommend using our new NO-Shine-4-Week Bonding Tape (Item #117 (1”x3”), #118 (A- shape), or #119 (1”x108” roll)). The No-Shine- 4 Week Bonding Tape is a brand new item that can be used up to 4-5 weeks like a bonding glue, without the mess.

Removing the Matte Bonding Tape or No-Shine Bonding Tape

We recommend leaving the Matte Bonding Tape in for 1-2 weeks and the No- Shine Bonding Tape in for approximately 4-5 weeks before you are ready to remove and replace the tapes. This will help to preserve the Hair System or change the tapes after 4 weeks while washing at least weekly. Daily removal of tapes is possible but will create more wear and tear on the hair system and will cut down lifespan.

Before you remove the tapes from the base, please use Magic Adhesive Solvent (item #303) or All-Natural Solvent (Item #304) to remove the tapes. Spray the solvent through the hair from the top so that it goes through the knots and you can safely remove the tapes without loosening the knots or causing wear on the base in the process. After spraying the solvent, wait approximately 1 minute to let the solvent work its “Magic”. Then gently remove the tapes slowly without pulling any hair out with it! (Always wash system thoroughly after using the solvent)

Washing your Hair System*

We recommend washing your Hair System at least, once per week. You can either wash the system while wearing it (if bonding for weeks at a time) or remove the system to wash it and also remove and replace the tapes.

Washing while wearing the system

While showering, add a small amount of shampoo and lightly pat the shampoo throughout the hair, being careful not to rub or massage the hair. Also do not massage the shampoo into the hair using your fingertips.

Washing the hair system while not in attached to your head

Wet the hair under lukewarm running water in a sink. Apply a small amount of shampoo and lightly work through the hair, being careful not to massage with your fingertips. After a light lather has accumulated, rinse the shampoo from hair system under lukewarm running water. 

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